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Seven personal support, easy operation of the regional market
(1) Technical Support: for dealers to provide product descriptions and installation of technical training and other services throughout the guide;
(2) promotional support: products recommended for dealer level skills, terminal sales, promotion planning and implementation to be the guide, let franchisees fastest start the market;
(3) advertising support: from time to time throughout the year on the network, professional magazines and other media, as agents and maintenance to provide favorable conditions to develop new markets;
(4) The co-marketing support: A regional expert management, configuration, market supervision and technical supervision, personal service to agents to help market development, management and co-marketing;
(5) promotional support: promotion initiative to help franchisees to do within the region, and various sales promotion activities;
(6) Awards support: reward based on dealer development and management, achievement of sales targets. Rebates varying degrees according to the standard rebate incentives;
(7) Support: the establishment of an electronic information system and e-commerce platform. To help agents build customer information management, market information collection system, open company information platform, publishing market dynamics information;

Juhui electronic collaboration for the recruitment agents and dealers, JuHui willing to work with you to win, share the wealth.。
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