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Car remote control battery: Why is it not as durable as the original manufacturer?

Car remote control battery: Why is it not as durable as the original manufacturer?


There is a battery in the car remote control key. After the battery is exhausted, the remote control key will not work, and the car cannot be locked remotely. At this time, the battery must be replaced in time.

But many car owners should have had this experience: The batteries they bought later are sometimes not as durable as the original car batteries. The original car battery is usually used for 3-5 years, but the battery that you buy rarely lasts that long.

I remember that my brother’s car key ran out of electricity a few years ago, because it was only a way away from the electronics market, so I went to the electronics market to buy a Sony button battery and installed it in. At that time, I was afraid of buying fakes, so I picked the expensive one. It costs 10 yuan for a battery. Unexpectedly, this battery won't work after three months. Later, when my brother went to the 4S shop for maintenance, he brought a replacement battery and asked for 60 yuan.

Why is the battery I bought later not durable? I think the biggest reason is that I bought fakes!

Button batteries are not much money, and the fake battery is not durable at best, and will not cause too much damage to the rights and interests of consumers. In addition, sales are not large, so even if people pay attention to its authenticity, they will not be overly entangled. Most people are thinking about whether he is true or not. Anyway, it's not a few dollars. Buy it back and try it, just as luck. And such small things are naturally not enough to attract the eyes of law enforcement agencies, so the proliferation of fakes can also be understood.

In addition, some purchased batteries may be expired batteries that have been stored for a long time. Although they are not fake, they have expired or are close to expiration. The batteries will discharge themselves when they are not in use, and the quality is not guaranteed.

So when you find that the battery you bought is not durable, you may have bought a fake or expired product.

So why is the manufacturer's original battery durable? That must be the quality of genuine products. And the original battery from the manufacturer is generally "fresh". Because manufacturers have a large demand for batteries, and they definitely have requirements for quality, even if they do not purchase directly from battery manufacturers, they must at least purchase from large agents, which at least guarantees that they are genuine. Secondly, manufacturers purchase according to plan, and there are a number of batteries installed in as many cars as they are produced. Therefore, there is a lot of time between the production of batteries and the time they are installed in the keys. The batteries are "fresh", so they are more durable.

How to judge the authenticity of the battery

The above picture is the battery I bought before, I think it is genuine. Generally, the production date on the genuine packaging is stamped with a steel stamp, with obvious traces. The positive electrode of the genuine battery is bright and clean, and the negative electrode has a small digital stamp. In addition, the battery voltage is also different. Generally, the actual measured voltage of a battery with a calibrated voltage of 3V is within 3.2 volts, while the voltage of fakes is generally higher, which may reach 3.3 volts.

The car key is actually very simple to change the battery. As long as there is a battery in your car key, the car key must be disassembled, and after disassembly, the inside is mostly a complete circuit board, and there will not be too many small parts. Just find the battery and replace it directly.

Car remote control batteries generally start with CR, followed by four digits, representing the size of the battery. After we turn on the remote control and find the battery, we can see its model on the positive side of the battery. Just buy according to the model. Of course, there are also special cases. For example, my other car key is out of power and I use CR2032 batteries, but I only had CR2020 batteries on hand. The diameter is the same but thinner, so I broke the contact metal piece in the car key battery holder to the outside, just stuck, and it can be used normally.

In addition, sometimes the car key cannot be used after the new battery is installed. After eliminating the battery loss, the most likely reason is that the battery voltage is too high and the key is automatically protected. It is usually only encountered when you buy a counterfeit battery.

Some little knowledge about car remote control key and battery

1. If the remote control is out of power, it will not affect your driving, but you can't unlock or lock the car remotely.

2. When the remote control is out of power, you can still use the mechanical key to open the car door. There is a mechanical key hole on the main driver's door. If you can't find it, it must be hidden on the door handle, covered by a plastic cover, mainly for aesthetics.

3. The electronic anti-theft function of the engine will not be affected if the car key is out of power. Because the electronic anti-theft coil of the engine is located on the keyhole, it communicates with the anti-theft chip by radio, and the anti-theft chip does not need power supply, so as long as the anti-theft chip is in, regardless of the battery The electronic anti-theft function of your engine will not be affected with or without electricity.

4. The one-button start car does not have a mechanical ignition switch. After the car key is out of power, the coil in the car cannot sense the car key, and there will be no response when you press the start button. Don't worry at this time, just put the smart key close to the start button to start the vehicle normally. Some cars may need to put the smart key in other designated locations, depending on how the manufacturer has set it, and the specific content is in the user manual.

5. Generally, there are two keys when buying a car. In some families, both car keys can be used, such as one for husband and wife. In some families, only one person drives the car and puts away a key. At this time, pay attention, it is best to remove the battery and store it to avoid leakage and damage to the circuit board when the battery is exhausted.





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